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Advertising opportunities exist for pre-roll, title banner,  linked website, show credits and for special programming. Advertisers may also be recognized in our promotions and social media. 

What Types of Advertising are Offered

Website Banner Display  – your hyperlinked logo/graphic included on Show website $75/month. Every visitor to the show will see your advertisement. 

Producer Credit Logo Ad – your logo shown in the credits of a webisode. $35/show

MakeSomethingHappenTV Advertising - List Option for Corresponding Payment

Special Programs Advertising

Special program advertising includes inserting your ad in trailers for upcoming shows, anniversary show recording or any other program that is not a Guest Showcase.

Pre-Roll – your powerful 6-10 second commercial placed for $150/webisode; (viewers see your ad prior to start of webisode); one available per webisode.

Run of Show – your powerful 10-30 second commercial placed for $85/webisode; (viewers see your ad within the webisode); 3 available per webisode.

MakeSomethingHappenTV Advertising - List Option for Corresponding Payment

Do you need a commercial created

Need a commercial created? Choose from talking heads, voice over photos, voice over stock video, and full blown custom commercials created on site or within a studio. Models and voice talent available at their cost. Let us create a stunning commercial for you today! Contact the executive producer, Altogether Marketing, for a quote:

Additional Information

To date your commercial will be viewed across the USA and Canada, Spain, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Zambia, Indonesia, British Virgin Islands, Taiwan, Senegal, France, Qatar, Ghana, Canada, South Africa, Philippines, India, United Kingdom, Egypt, Pakistan, Belgium. Industries covered: financial, environmental, health, wellness & fitness, marketing & advertising, professional training & coaching, non-profit, social workers, government, education, management, higher education, hospital & health care, internet, broadcast & print media, entertainment, legal, IT, religious, construction, human resources, public relationships, business, business owners, real estate, automotive, energy, international affairs, film, fine arts, food, transportation and more.

We are MAC-based and can upload most video formats. Ask in advance to confirm if your format is compatible. Rates listed below are for broadcast-ready do not include production. Call for quote to have your commercial or graphics professionally produced by Altogether Marketing. Prices below are per webisode unless otherwise stated. Altogether Marketing LLC is not responsible for the clarity or quality of your video. What you see is what you submit to us. We deserve the right not to accept poorly produced commercials to protect the integrity of the show. Video ads/commercials MUST be submitted not less than 7 days prior to airing.


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