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Henry Ford’s Life Lessons We all Can Learn From

Henry Ford is an Author, Speaker, Consultant, and the Publisher of VISIONS Newsletter. He is the author of four books and numerous publications including ​Success is You, The Power of Association​, Success is You and Your Faith;​ and his latest​, Reflections and Perspectives​. His message from the pen and the podium reflects his passion for inspiring and assisting others. Henry’s background includes thirty-six years in Corporate America, during which time he developed, built and maintained a business. He is the holder of the Investment Education Award from the National Association of Investors, along with many other awards. Using the power of the Internet and Social Media, Henry shares his message with a worldwide audience. He Enjoys travel, photography, and creating healthy food dishes; to balance out his love of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Ice Cream, and a few other things.

We hope you enjoy Henry’s interview as much as we did. Please share with your networks. Pick up his book below.

Who is Grace Roberts?

We were excited to have Grace Roberts in the studio for a Showcase. Her interview is currently on-demand, and you have got to tune in. Be sure to invite your network.

Many of you know her as co-host of 107.3 The Wave’s Morning Show, “Dan & Grace in the Morning”, as well as the Community & Public Affairs Director for Rubber City Radio Cleveland. She is the curator and host of “Wavelengths”, the station’s community magazine program that explores news, culture, and lifestyles in Northeast Ohio. Grace, principal of Grace Roberts LLC, Voices of Grace, is also a public speaker, voice artist, author, entrepreneur, wife and friend.

Grace’s interview was surprisingly transparent as she opened up about her life in her book, “2.6 to 1.0 Why You Must Shrink to Grow” (available on Amazon). She talks about an abusive relationship that nearly led to her death. Her beginning as a premature baby whom the doctor’s thought would not live. Of course neither of those incidents ended her end life. She lived to tell her story, including her relationship with her Dad and much more. Click image to learn more about her book.

Won’t you come along with me, on a short journey into “who is Grace Roberts?” Watch and share this weeks showcase featuring our friend, Mrs. Grace Roberts.

Overcoming Life Obstacles with Others

Meet this week’s guests. They are called Life Obstacles. They operate a non-profit called “Informing Our Children” and produce a weekly radio show on 1490 AM, Cleveland. MakeSomethingHappen was excited and humbled by the transparency and power, as they shared their life stories in support of others going through their own life obstacles. It is about giving back in a heart way. In a physical way. In a caring way. Whatever you are going through. What ever life obstacles you find yourself behind, trust that you can get in front of them. Watch. Listen. Glean. Share.

Your Host,
Audrey M. Wiggins

We’re Looking for New Showcase Talent

We’re Looking for New Talent to Showcase on MakeSomethingHappen.TV

We are looking for guests to feature as webitorials. What is a webitorial? It is a combination of an interview (editorial) and a promotion on our web show. Whether you are making it happen locally, in our home market, or around the world, our viewers are looking for your great achievements, inspiring story and innovations.
Contact us today. Send an email to with your bio, subject matter or topic, brief essay why you should be on the show. See Webitorial Showcase Rate Schedule below. We will contact you within 36 business hours of receipt.
  • Intro Showcase $50.00 Promotion Showcase with links to your website; video content that can be re-used after the show
  • Success Showcase $90.00 Promotion Showcase with links to your website; video content that can be re-used after the show, 30 days of continued promotion of your business, event or other promotion
  • Empire Showcase $150 Promotion Showcase with links to your website; video content that can be re-used after the show, 30 days of continued promotion of your business, event or other promotion and 30 second commercial on one future webisode of your choice unless that webisode is sponsored
All showcases include interview and promotion of webisode through social marketing, including blog post on show site, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and others as appropriate. It is expected that each guest do the same. The success of your promotional interview is depended upon each of us sharing through social media. A graphic and link will be given to you to use on your social sites and website to promote your Showcase. In addition, sharing of postings from our sites are a great way to accomplish this goal. We promote our show through a mix of paid and organic ads.
We look forward to hearing from you and the awesome possibility of showcasing you on the award-winning MakeSomethingHappen.TV.
Visit page:… for details and payment.

Save the Date – Our Five Year Anniversary is Coming Dec 3rd 2016

Theme: Celebrating the Year of the Entrepreneur

We are excited to be celebrating five years in virtual television. We started out meagerly, recording each show from my MAC computer. For the past two years, we have been building my personal webTV brand under the guise of the Audrey Wiggins Show. So, all in all, five years have gone by and we are eager to celebrate.

Web: www.MakeSomethingHappen.TV
Promotional Social Code: #MakeSomethingHappenTV5

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