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Showcasing Bro. Steve Harris

Bro. Steve Harris, an award-winning-TV producer and internet marketing consultant graced our studio last month. We had a GOOD time talking with him and learning his tips for success. He left here after and sojourned to Hollywood…the rest is history. Take a look at an excerpt from his bio below to learn more. You can read the complete bio on his site at Click to watch at

Steven Harris, better known as Bro. Steve to the entertainment world has been an announcer since the age of 10 years old. This multi-media tycoon, brings education, faith, and a touch of class in everything he does. A young man with a vision fighting against all odds most of his life, not accepting no for an answer…is unstoppable.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he created Steven Harris Recording at the age of 14 years old, which later became Bro. Steve Productions. Later at the age of 17 he started working in professional radio as an on air personality. Steve attended Kent State University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree where he studied broadcast law and television production and he created his own minor…religious broadcasting.

Our guest co-host for this showcase was Stephon J. Davis, an independent film maker and story teller. You can follow his work at


Henry Ford’s Life Lessons We all Can Learn From

Henry Ford is an Author, Speaker, Consultant, and the Publisher of VISIONS Newsletter. He is the author of four books and numerous publications including ​Success is You, The Power of Association​, Success is You and Your Faith;​ and his latest​, Reflections and Perspectives​. His message from the pen and the podium reflects his passion for inspiring and assisting others. Henry’s background includes thirty-six years in Corporate America, during which time he developed, built and maintained a business. He is the holder of the Investment Education Award from the National Association of Investors, along with many other awards. Using the power of the Internet and Social Media, Henry shares his message with a worldwide audience. He Enjoys travel, photography, and creating healthy food dishes; to balance out his love of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Ice Cream, and a few other things.

We hope you enjoy Henry’s interview as much as we did. Please share with your networks. Pick up his book below.

Who is Grace Roberts?

We were excited to have Grace Roberts in the studio for a Showcase. Her interview is currently on-demand, and you have got to tune in. Be sure to invite your network.

Many of you know her as co-host of 107.3 The Wave’s Morning Show, “Dan & Grace in the Morning”, as well as the Community & Public Affairs Director for Rubber City Radio Cleveland. She is the curator and host of “Wavelengths”, the station’s community magazine program that explores news, culture, and lifestyles in Northeast Ohio. Grace, principal of Grace Roberts LLC, Voices of Grace, is also a public speaker, voice artist, author, entrepreneur, wife and friend.

Grace’s interview was surprisingly transparent as she opened up about her life in her book, “2.6 to 1.0 Why You Must Shrink to Grow” (available on Amazon). She talks about an abusive relationship that nearly led to her death. Her beginning as a premature baby whom the doctor’s thought would not live. Of course neither of those incidents ended her end life. She lived to tell her story, including her relationship with her Dad and much more. Click image to learn more about her book.

Won’t you come along with me, on a short journey into “who is Grace Roberts?” Watch and share this weeks showcase featuring our friend, Mrs. Grace Roberts.

Stephon J. Davis Explores Suicide in New Documentary

Make Something Happen TV presents Stephon J. Davis, CEO of Serlo Media and filmmaker. Stephon is screening his new documentary “A Tale of Two Mothers” on Saturday, September 29, 2018. Watch his powerful showcase with our host Audrey Wiggins.

“This documentary explores the correlations between bullying, mental health and suicide. Prevention methods are discussed as well as alternative methods of wellness and spirituality. He stopped by the studio to showcase what’s happening.”

Excerpt from

The screening of #ATaleOfTwoMothers is Saturday, September 29, 2018. Visit website for tickets and details. Please support our independent film makers.