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AUDREY WIGGINS Brand Strategist & Implementor | Digital Marketing | Promotional Items & Display Consultant | Public Speaker | iBroadcaster Audrey Wiggins is a tech savvy marketer who empowers professionals through innovative branding solutions and training and development. She is a creative independent thinker and problem solver. Her experience includes working with one of the world’s largest for profit corporations as well as one of the largest not-for-profit organizations. Her goal is to have a positive impact on everyone she meets. Her mission is to purposefully empower others to reach their full potential through confidence, authenticity and courage. Ms. Wiggins is also a serial entrepreneur. Her company, Altogether Marketing LLC serves primarily the business-to-business market in branding, digital marketing, PR, social media management, email marketing, graphic and web design, domain names & hosting, SSL, SEO, promotional items, video production, webTV consulting, custom printing.

Van Jones Goes “Beyond the Messy Truth” in New Book

Our slogan, “A local conversation,making global impact,” goes a long way this week with reference to our special guest, CNN Commentator and Author, Mr. Van Jones. Van is promoting his new book, BEYOND THE MESSY TRUTH, How we came apart, How we can come together”. The book is already a New York Times Bestseller. The presentation is a press conference that took place prior to his author talk and book signing program. We hope you enjoy the program. Watch. Learn. Share GO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!

Watch MSH Special with Mr. Van Jones

Our Guests are Empowered to Saving Women’s Lives, One Pad at a Time

This week’s webisode is dedicated in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our guests mission is about saving women’s lives. We were introduced to Garfield Dawes (Ohio), Dr. Edwin Elam (North Carolina) and Rodney Meeks (Tennessee) who are leading the challenge to empower women and encourage the conversation (between men and women) around women’s health, one pad at a time.  Their campaign:  “We Say Yes”.  Click “Current Webisode” (on right or below-depending upon your device) to Watch. Learn. Share.

Learn more about PurEssence here.

Overcoming Life Obstacles with Others

Meet this week’s guests. They are called Life Obstacles. They operate a non-profit called “Informing Our Children” and produce a weekly radio show on 1490 AM, Cleveland. MakeSomethingHappen was excited and humbled by the transparency and power, as they shared their life stories in support of others going through their own life obstacles. It is about giving back in a heart way. In a physical way. In a caring way. Whatever you are going through. What ever life obstacles you find yourself behind, trust that you can get in front of them. Watch. Listen. Glean. Share.

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Audrey M. Wiggins

We’re Looking for New Showcase Talent

We’re Looking for New Talent to Showcase on MakeSomethingHappen.TV

We are looking for guests to feature as webitorials. What is a webitorial? It is a combination of an interview (editorial) and a promotion on our web show. Whether you are making it happen locally, in our home market, or around the world, our viewers are looking for your great achievements, inspiring story and innovations.
Contact us today. Send an email to with your bio, subject matter or topic, brief essay why you should be on the show. See Webitorial Showcase Rate Schedule below. We will contact you within 36 business hours of receipt.
  • Intro Showcase $50.00 Promotion Showcase with links to your website; video content that can be re-used after the show
  • Success Showcase $90.00 Promotion Showcase with links to your website; video content that can be re-used after the show, 30 days of continued promotion of your business, event or other promotion
  • Empire Showcase $150 Promotion Showcase with links to your website; video content that can be re-used after the show, 30 days of continued promotion of your business, event or other promotion and 30 second commercial on one future webisode of your choice unless that webisode is sponsored
All showcases include interview and promotion of webisode through social marketing, including blog post on show site, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and others as appropriate. It is expected that each guest do the same. The success of your promotional interview is depended upon each of us sharing through social media. A graphic and link will be given to you to use on your social sites and website to promote your Showcase. In addition, sharing of postings from our sites are a great way to accomplish this goal. We promote our show through a mix of paid and organic ads.
We look forward to hearing from you and the awesome possibility of showcasing you on the award-winning MakeSomethingHappen.TV.
Visit page:… for details and payment.