Showcasing Bro. Steve Harris

Bro. Steve Harris, an award-winning-TV producer and internet marketing consultant graced our studio last month. We had a GOOD time talking with him and learning his tips for success. He left here after and sojourned to Hollywood…the rest is history. Take a look at an excerpt from his bio below to learn more. You can read the complete bio on his site at Click to watch at

Steven Harris, better known as Bro. Steve to the entertainment world has been an announcer since the age of 10 years old. This multi-media tycoon, brings education, faith, and a touch of class in everything he does. A young man with a vision fighting against all odds most of his life, not accepting no for an answer…is unstoppable.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he created Steven Harris Recording at the age of 14 years old, which later became Bro. Steve Productions. Later at the age of 17 he started working in professional radio as an on air personality. Steve attended Kent State University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree where he studied broadcast law and television production and he created his own minor…religious broadcasting.

Our guest co-host for this showcase was Stephon J. Davis, an independent film maker and story teller. You can follow his work at