All About Entrepreneurs

Meet two of the most powerful women in Internet radio. Coach Lilisa Williams and Cassandra McKissack. They bring it on “All About Entrepreneurs”. Now they are sharing it on MakeSomethingHappen.TV. To listen or speak to the hosts call 347-945-7991 or log onto Monday through Friday 7am/6am CST. The show has been on the air since April 2007.

Human Trafficking with Dr. Elaine Richardson

Come along with us on a journey with Dr. Elaine Richardson, fondly know as Dr. E. She was 13 years old when she was wooed to the streets and a life of drugs and prostitution. Her pimp 17 years old. But this is not the ned of the story. Through the faith and love of her mother and education, her life was restored. She is now tenured professor with the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Her story is one we each need to hear. Human trafficking is tragic truth, but we can help. Watch her webisode now.

To learn more about Dr. E. visit

Building it Better

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