May is Blooming

May has been a blessing to say the least. I thank GOD everyday for His care, salvation and personal and business growth. It has been amazing. Great interviews on MakeSomethingHappen.TV, several contracts for web work and promotional items for Altogether Marketing. I have started to de-clutter my personal/work space at home.

As a result, I have been more creative, relaxed and enjoying family and friends. Finding balance as an entrepreneur (especially when still being employed outside the business) is a huge challenge. I am grateful for guests that were on this month talking about these very things. Time management is the common thread through all of it. If we are not careful, we can quickly become work alcoholics. I confess this happened to me. Setting sacrificial deadlines – no social life, no domestic work getting done. If it didn't "fit" into my schedule, I did not do it. The more we think we are in control the more out of control we become.

During these fast times we live in, it has become increasingly important to rely on automated systems to help streamline our schedules to become more efficient. Hiring of virtual assistants or independent contractors to take on some of the daily tasks or non-revenue generating tasks is imperative to our survival.

I encourage you to take action now for a better tomorrow. Start with managing your Social Media projects. Hire a consultant, like me and also employ a system like Hootsuite. Log on here to learn more