MakeSomethingHappen Web TV show has been inspiring, entertaining, educating and empowering people to make a positive impact in their lives, community, the world since 2011. The guests include business, political and religious leaders; entrepreneurs, and everyday heroes with a story of deep impact that is life-changing or unique product or service. You will find previous and upcoming webisodes to the right. SEE OUR VERY FIRST WEBISODE BELOW.

Carlton Fellows and the Cleveland Men of Song were our very first guests. Visit them at https://www.facebook.com/NorthcoastArts.

AWARD: May 28, 2013 – Week 22 Winner of the first CAAO Minority Good Works Award – for helping non-profits, entrepreneurs, businesses gain regional and national exposure.

Annually CAAO (Consortium of African-American Organizations), the Urban League of Greater Cleveland, and Cleveland State University Black Studies Dept., recognizes several minorities who are doing “good works” in the community.

"A Local Conversation. Making A Global Impact."